Drop Acid for Life

David Perlmutter, MD has dropped a new book that solves many of the troubling questions that occur with symptoms of aging.

Has your mind been foggy? Do you feel tired and a little off balance after sleep’s been interrupted? Even worse, has that hammer toe on your foot started aching and swelling in a new way? Are you suffering the effects of overweight without being able to get the pounds off no matter what you do?

Perlmutter suggests these symptoms could indicate an overabundance of uric acid in your system. When that happens, tiny sharp edged uric crystals form and attack troublesome joints that may already be subject to rheumatoid arthritis you didn’t even know you had. This can cause swelling and pain that wakes you up in the early morning hours. At first, the episodes are brief and can easily be forgotten, but they increase and worsen until you begin to wonder what’s going on. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable.

Little did you know uric acid has been accumulating in excess for ages. There were no symtoms, no problems, until it’s too late and difficulties have already appeared. What happened?

Well, the cause is sugar. Of course it is. Sugar replaced fat a long time ago as the evil twin, while all along we needed to ultilize fat and eliminate sugar, even the artificial kind. Now sugar in all its forms is present in just about everything we eat. It has a thousand sneaky names we don’t recognise, so even if we do our best, it’s in our food.

Trouble is, the build-up of uric acid, as Perlmutter outlines in his carefully resesearched work, causes even worse outcomes like cardiovascular disease, dementia, Alzhiemers disease, the decline of brain and organ function, and a significant increase in all causes of death. So, it’s a very bad thing.

Our medical community was not adequately trained in wellness and preventative medicine. Mostly, it’s about symptoms and medication. Write a script, and get them out the door, done. Therefore, learning about how to take care of ourselves is sketchy at best. Getting a disease or having a problem is unfortunately often the first sign something we could have prevented has materialized. For me, it took a tough episode of severe pain to trigger my investigation of what had gone wrong, and lead me to to this wonderful book that outlines a path toward recovery, and even prevention should you take the time to read it now.




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